A Night Out at the Counting House

Hello everyone! I’m Maddy Jones, also known as Maddy Shine, and I run Making Your Business Shine where I support creative women to get more visible online. I am delighted to be here on the Lemon Entertainment blog to share my experience of the recent Lemon Sessions at the Counting House in London on 11th October.

If you follow me on Instagram Stories you’ll soon learn about my quest to make Professional Wedding Guest a real job, as I just LOVE dancing to wedding disco music. It may be my favourite genre ever. It’s always upbeat, optimistic and gets everyone going, and there’s always tunes you can sing along to. But let me tell you, this entertainment at Lemon Sessions was nothing like your typical wedding band, it was even better. Read on and I’ll tell you all about it! A few weeks ago, I did as I always do for a night out, listening to my Spotify playlist plugged firmly into my ears as I stomped my way through the drizzle to the Counting House. Many moons ago, I worked in the City, so it was fun to revisit a pub I knew from those days, but I had never thought of it as a live music venue. With it’s high ceilings and historic structure (it used to be a bank), position on Cornhill and great Fuller’s bar, it makes perfect sense as a city pub wedding venue.  

When I arrived, the pub was already heaving and Dos Tiempos were in full swing with their unusual DJ and drums combo. They played tunes we loved, as we drank gin and bopped away. Many lovelies I knew from the wedding industry circle were there to enjoy, as we drank Prosecco with Lucy the fabulous host, as the Herringbone Cocktail Club played their awesome mashups of classics that we all enjoyed. It was a brilliant, lively atmosphere and of course as I love to dance, we took up our fair share of the dancefloor for much of the night! Not sure the usual City regulars really knew what had hit them!

A fantastic night all in all, and thanks so much to Lucy for creating this fun event!

“We had such a fun night listening to Lucy’s bands, which are always great! It was nice to get together with friends and let our hair down and with such a brilliant atmosphere!” Lisa, Carmela Weddings  / Lisa Johnson Coaching

About Dos Tiempos
Dos Tiempos are a DJ + Drum duo originally from London but who perform internationally. CJ and Ali, two of Lemon Entertainment’s finest performers create high energy sets, merging the sound of Ali’s never ending, multi-genre record collection and the talent and explosive energy of CJ’s drumming. Oozing talent, these pro performers are fun and guarantee a full, lively dance floor all night.

About The Herringbone Cocktail Club
This leading UK band is perfect for all events, all spaces and all set ups – whatever you envisage. Guaranteed to get your guests dancing, their full repertoire extends from pop to garage and back again via rock and folk. Their roaming acoustic option is perfect for drinks receptions and more intimate dinners. Their mash ups of well known classics make them a truly unique act.


Photo credits: Eva Photography / Veronika Ward

Thanks Maddy for your fab write up about the night.

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