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This one isn’t for the lovers

So, Valentines day is just around the corner and I have to admit, although I am loved up, the whole commercialism around Valentines day really annoys me. So I thought I’d be a little rebel and do a little ‘anti-valentines’ blog. I don’t want to be too negative about it, so my spin on this is going to simply be – great songs that aren’t romantic! I’ve chosen three of my favourites and have put together an awsome playlist which is full of non-romantic songs for you to enjoy!

My first song has to be by one of my favourite artists ever. Alanis Morissette. I went to see her live last year and it was one of the most memorable gigs of my life. What a legend. This tune is the ultimate break up song.

This track by The Black Keys is such a winner. The video makes me so happy too. Being a lonely boy doesn’t have to be lonely!

And lastly – a winner of a pop track from Katy Perry. For me this song is all about self love and bring proud of who you are. GO ON KATY. Romance doesn’t have to be with another person – just be your own firework!

For more of our playlists including ‘Festival Vibes’, ‘Wedding Ceremony Inspiration’ and ‘Good Day Sunshine’ head to our Spotify page!

Christmas Engagement? Where to start with Entertainment for your big day?

If you were lucky enough to get engaged over the festive period – CONGRATULATIONS! Now we are into January, the realisation of actually planning a wedding may have hit you. We want to help you with one of the most important aspects of your planning journey – the entertainment. We have set out some key aspects to think about when starting your entertainment planning journey for your big day.

Before looking to book, decide when during the day you’d like entertainment to be happening. A lot of people just go for a DJ or Band for the evening reception but think outside the box. Having some live music to welcome guests as they arrive at the ceremony is always a winner. It sets the tone and can add such emotion to this important part of the day. After the ceremony, many couples tend to have a drinks reception lasting a few hours. Having a performance during this time helps put people at ease who may not know each other or haven’t seen each other for a while. Live music or a performance artist, such as a magician is a great conversation starter. Something quirky during the wedding breakfast can make a formal sit down meal feel more light hearted and fun and really get people in the mood for the party of the evening reception.

A few tips when booking entertainment:
– Ensure that you do your research.
– Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations.
– Once you have booked your venue see if they have any recommended suppliers they like to work with and trust.
– Ask for some testimonials from past clients on the booking process as well as the performers.
– Make sure you don’t leave booking your entertainment until the last minute, good bands and DJ’s get booked up about a year in advance for events.

To help you during your wedding planning sessions we have curated a planning playlist designed to get your created juices flowing whilst keeping those planning anxieties to a minimum.

If you are looking for inspiration for your wedding ceremony music head to our blog, Music for your Wedding Ceremony. With inspiration for songs to play whilst walking down the aisle, signing the register and the all important walk out with your new spouse.

If you’d like to chat about options for your wedding don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



Christmas Party Entertainment Ideas

Here are Lemon HQ it is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. AND I LOVE IT! High Street decorations are starting to go up, Christmas ad’s are on and the cosy slippers are out of hibernation! Which means…Christmas Party Season will be kicking off soon…and what does every Christmas Party need? First Class Entertainment, OBVIOUSLY. Oh and Mistletoe! 

I’ve rounded up some ideas for your Christmas and New Years Eve Events below….

You want the glitter, the sparkles, the full Christmas monty, then you need The Snowflakes. Take three sassy voices, arrange a collection of the BEST vintage Christmas tunes, add sharp dance routines and you have The Snowflakes! The Snowflakes are lucky enough to offer the exceptional talent of Rhys as an addition to the line-up! Together with the girls, he brings the smooth vocals of legends such as Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and Perry Como to the party, not to mention some fancy footwork to add an extra dimension to the show!


The Herringbone Cocktail Club are one of the leading bands in London at the moment. Their roaming acoustic option is perfect for Christmas drinks receptions and dinners for clients who don’t want the volume or hassle of a full, amplified band. Their party set performance is guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor, reindeer ears and all! From Pop to Garage and Rock to Folk with some Christmas bangers thrown in their repertoire is extensive and their arrangements and mash up’s make them truly unique.

Dos Tiempos are your perfect match! The Duo is made up of CJ and Ali, two of Lemon Entertainment’s finest performers. Their sets are high energy, merging the sound of Ali’s never ending, multi-genre record collection and the talent and explosive energy of CJ’s drumming. Both performers ooze not only talent, but are fun, lively, professional and will guarantee your dance floor is festive, funky and full all night. 

Our magician/ mind reader, Pete, is your man. Pete is in a class of his own, hired by the world’s biggest companies: everyone from Google to Microsoft, from Coutts to Christies, and from Soho House to Vogue. When Jude Law wanted to learn some magic for his role of Dumbledore, Pete was the magician he asked to teach him. No top hats, no magic wands…  if you want a modern, funny and amazing magician that will produce genuine screams, gasps, and laughter from your guests, you are in the right place. Question, Pete – can you magic me up a Christmas Tree already decorated so I don’t have to spend hours on it?


If you have any questions or would like to hear more about booking any of our acts for your festive event don’t hesitate to email me on – or give me a buzz on 07753496308.


A Night Out at the Counting House

Hello everyone! I’m Maddy Jones, also known as Maddy Shine, and I run Making Your Business Shine where I support creative women to get more visible online. I am delighted to be here on the Lemon Entertainment blog to share my experience of the recent Lemon Sessions at the Counting House in London on 11th October.

If you follow me on Instagram Stories you’ll soon learn about my quest to make Professional Wedding Guest a real job, as I just LOVE dancing to wedding disco music. It may be my favourite genre ever. It’s always upbeat, optimistic and gets everyone going, and there’s always tunes you can sing along to. But let me tell you, this entertainment at Lemon Sessions was nothing like your typical wedding band, it was even better. Read on and I’ll tell you all about it! A few weeks ago, I did as I always do for a night out, listening to my Spotify playlist plugged firmly into my ears as I stomped my way through the drizzle to the Counting House. Many moons ago, I worked in the City, so it was fun to revisit a pub I knew from those days, but I had never thought of it as a live music venue. With it’s high ceilings and historic structure (it used to be a bank), position on Cornhill and great Fuller’s bar, it makes perfect sense as a city pub wedding venue.  

When I arrived, the pub was already heaving and Dos Tiempos were in full swing with their unusual DJ and drums combo. They played tunes we loved, as we drank gin and bopped away. Many lovelies I knew from the wedding industry circle were there to enjoy, as we drank Prosecco with Lucy the fabulous host, as the Herringbone Cocktail Club played their awesome mashups of classics that we all enjoyed. It was a brilliant, lively atmosphere and of course as I love to dance, we took up our fair share of the dancefloor for much of the night! Not sure the usual City regulars really knew what had hit them!

A fantastic night all in all, and thanks so much to Lucy for creating this fun event!

“We had such a fun night listening to Lucy’s bands, which are always great! It was nice to get together with friends and let our hair down and with such a brilliant atmosphere!” Lisa, Carmela Weddings  / Lisa Johnson Coaching

About Dos Tiempos
Dos Tiempos are a DJ + Drum duo originally from London but who perform internationally. CJ and Ali, two of Lemon Entertainment’s finest performers create high energy sets, merging the sound of Ali’s never ending, multi-genre record collection and the talent and explosive energy of CJ’s drumming. Oozing talent, these pro performers are fun and guarantee a full, lively dance floor all night.

About The Herringbone Cocktail Club
This leading UK band is perfect for all events, all spaces and all set ups – whatever you envisage. Guaranteed to get your guests dancing, their full repertoire extends from pop to garage and back again via rock and folk. Their roaming acoustic option is perfect for drinks receptions and more intimate dinners. Their mash ups of well known classics make them a truly unique act.


Photo credits: Eva Photography / Veronika Ward

Thanks Maddy for your fab write up about the night.

You can find out more about Maddy here:Maddy Jones is affectionately known as the SEO Queen. Her mission is to help passionate creative women get more visible online and grow their businesses by leaving Confusionville for dust and effortlessly attracting and booking the perfect clients. When she gets hold of your business, it’s like a glitter bomb goes off. You can find her dancing here on Instagram or in her lively Facebook group So Exciting Obviously SEO for Creative Women. Julia Gold Photography

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The London Lemon Sessions


We are really excited to be showcasing two of our finest acts in the beautiful surroundings of The Countinghouse in central London on the 11th October 2018.

Performing will be The Herringbone Cocktail Club, our incomparable kings of musical cocktails AND Dos Tiempos, the newest addition to the Lemon Management roster.


Tickets are free but are limited so arrive as doors open to avoid disappointment. To add your name to the guest list click here. 
There will be a camera crew – slap some lippie on if your mood takes you there.
Doors open 19.00 and the Night finishes at 22.00
Things to expect from your evening:
– Amazing Entertainment
– Seriously talented people
– A beautiful venue
– Some great banter
– A bar full of some of London’s finest drinks

We will be fundraising on the night for Music Minds Matter – a mental health service for the music industry.


Why booking reputable entertainment is one of the most important things on your wedding to do list

No doubt you have been a guest at a few weddings and clearly there are a number of things that are vital to making it one to remember. One of these, most arguably the most important component, is the entertainment. Have you ever been to one of those weddings where the band is pretty standard, has no charisma and has people on the dance floor in dribs and drabs? How about a wedding where the band get too drunk to perform? I’ve even been to a wedding where the drummer forgot to bring drumsticks!! These things do happen which is why one of the most important things on your wedding to do list should be to book reputable entertainment.

Im going to run through some top tips to make sure the entertainment on your big day is remembered by your guests for years to come – and for all the right reasons!

Do your research :

  • Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations of bands or live music consultants – there is nothing like a personal recommendation
  • Check with your venue if they have any sound restrictions. Some private venues and barns operate a sound limiter which means a 13 piece band just wouldn’t be possible
  • Once you have found something you like, ask for past client testimonials
  • Watch videos of performances and if you can, go and see them live
  • Don’t leave booking entertainment to the last minute – good bands and DJ’s get booked up months in advance
  • If you are booking through an agency and want to talk to someone in person don’t be shy – set up a phone call or Skype call, this will help you get a feel for the people you will be working with

Questions to ask:

  • How long have they been playing at events?
  • What venues have they performed at?
  • Is being a performer their full time career?
  • Has all their equipment been PAT tested?
  • Are they insured?
  • How long will they perform for?
  • If your wedding is in a marquee check how much power they need and liaise with the marquee company/wedding planner to make sure this is possible

On the day

  • Hopefully you won’t need to worry about anything on the day – leave this to your wedding planner or designated friend. They should be available to meet the band or DJ on arrival and show them the green room and loading area
  • Make sure you feed and water your entertainers – you want them to be at their best when they are on stage – hungry tummy’s don’t allow for this!
  • Take into consideration the band may have travelled far to get to the venue, to get the best from them make sure they have a comfortable space to relax and change before and after their performance
  • Most importantly – ENJOY every moment!! Booking a band or DJ that are talented, reliable and professional will ensure your dance floor is full and precious memories are created.

Originally written for Blank Canvas Wedding Venues by Lucy at Lemon Entertainment