Cocktail in hand, playlist on, get ready summer is here! – How music can give you that summer feeling!

Whether you are a music buff or not, everyone has a certain set of songs that provoke a certain memory. You might not even be aware of it until that song comes on the radio and you remember that afternoon in the beer garden of summer 2015 .. you know the one I mean right? The right music can influence your whole mood, and it can certainly influence your summer! Here at Lemon HQ we have been reminiscing on our favourite music summer throwbacks and trying to figure out the next big tunes.

So I must admit I am a bit of secret garage fan. So when Herringbone Cocktail Club played their ‘Garage Club Sandwich’ full of 90s throwbacks from their musical cocktail menu at a wedding we recently worked at (see below) I was in my element. ‘Gotta get Thru This’ was stuck in my head for the following week, much to the dismay of the office! This is the power of music, the memories it provokes and those summer memories it brings back.  The sunshine makes everything better and music has the power to do the same.

So what tracks do we think are going to be on 2019’s summer playlist? Well I am currently going through a massive ‘Catfish and the Bottlemen’ stage, and just can’t wait to see them perform at Citadel. Lucy is all about ‘Sam Fender’, so the office becomes a little musical cocktail within itself. We are so lucky here at Lemon to be working with the best musicians, I’ll even get a sneak peak of our Herringbone member playing with Matthew and the Atlas at Citadel in July and Lucy has just been to see The Spice Girls who are using some of our Diamond Boys as their backing band! We want to provide you with our own memories that you can look back on for Summers to come. So contact us today to book one of our performers for your event and give yourself that Summer Feeling.